Panorama window film keeps your home or office cool

Keep it cool

Nothing is as beautiful as your yard in nice weather. This is what you want to see, even when the sun is blazing on your windows. Panorama keeps the heat outside – in your yard.

You don’t need to lower curtains or blinds. No dark living room in the summer – all the light will enter. Panorama window film reduces the need for air conditioning helping save on energy bills.

With Panorama window film on your glass, expect less solar energy to enter your environment while the natural light remains.

Keep it new 

UV gives you a tan. That’s nice, but your furniture, carpets, wall paper and favorite painting will be discolored by it, too. Nothing can cause the value of your fine furnishings, wood flooring, artwork and fabrics to depreciate more quickly than fading and deterioration.

Thanks to Panorama, your interior will remain new for a longer time. Panorama® window film from Bekaert keeps UV rays where they belong: outside.

Keep it safe

Your little daughter, inside by the window. Your sons, in the yard with the football. Consider what could happen… Small accidents can have serious consequences. Glass shards flying about can wound and damage interior furnishings. Panorama window film from Bekaert keeps the shards together. Moreover, the film slows down burglars from gaining entry. Plumbing augusta ga

Panorama safety films are stronger, more durable films that are designed to hold broken glass in place, whether broken accidentally by your children or intentionally by a thief.

See The Difference With Panorama Safety Film

Panorama safety films help keep the dangerous shards together upon impact, due to accidents or attempted break-ins. Plus, there are privacy versions available to act as a deterrent to nosy passersby or burglars peering into your home – keeping you safe. Plumber Augusta GA

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